NAAC Live 2020 Offers All Four Certification Courses

NAAC Live 2020 Offers All Four Certification Courses with Live, Real Time Instruction


Press Release Contact:  
Jason Leet, Program Coordinator at 717-620-2692

NAAC® – The National Academy of Ambulance Compliance for the first time ever is hosting all four NAAC certification programs at one virtual event – live and in real time – over two weeks in September.  Each course features live instructors that will answer questions in real time.  “These live courses offer an unparalleled opportunity to obtain all NAAC ambulance certification credentials in a dynamic and interactive setting,” said program coordinator Jason Leet.  “Course enrollees will get all their questions answered live,” Leet said.

NAAC Live 2020 is different from the traditional, self-paced online courses offered by NAAC, according to Leet. During NAAC Live 2020, the courses will be presented live on specific class schedules:

Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer™ – CACO®
September 9 through 10, 2020

Certified Ambulance Coder® – CAC®
September 14 through 16, 2020

Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer™ – CAPO®
September 21 through 22, 2020

Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist™ – CADS® –
September 24, 2020

There is a registration fee for each course, which includes all course educational materials and includes the testing and certification process.  Click HERE to register or obtain additional information.

“This schedule allows attendees to obtain all four of our certifications in a two-week time span as courses are staggered so there is no overlap,” added Leet. Instructors are attorneys and consultants of the national EMS law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC, the nation’s leading EMS law firm – experts in ambulance industry compliance. In addition to the live instruction, course enrollees will have immediate access to each final exam, and there will be instant certification upon completion and passing the exam, said Leet.

About the Courses

The CAC course is designed for ambulance billing personnel – anyone involved in the ambulance revenue cycle. This includes front line ambulance billers and coders, billing office supervisors and managers, compliance officers, QA coordinators and upper level management in an ambulance service, billing company or any other entity involved in ambulance billing, reimbursement, or revenue cycle management.

The CACO course is recommended for current and prospective compliance officers, upper level management, advanced billers and coders, and anyone involved in compliance training or supervising compliance with the ambulance billing company or agency.

The CAPO course is designed for the prospective HIPAA Compliance Officer/Official, Privacy Officer, security officers, managers, supervisors, and others involved in HIPAA training or compliance.

The CADS course is intended for front-line EMS practitioners, as well as ambulance industry leadership, revenue cycle management, compliance, quality improvement and other support positions. The CADS course covers the essential documentation skills necessary to facilitate high quality patient care, reduce provider and agency liability, improve clinical documentation, and facilitate accurate billing.

About NAAC

NAAC – The National Academy of Ambulance Compliance – is the nation’s leader in ambulance compliance education. NAAC represents the industry’s “Gold Standard of Excellence” in compliance, ethics, and legal integrity in all facets of ambulance compliance. NAAC provides premier training and education to ambulance billing, coding and compliance professionals and EMS practitioners through its four certification programs.

NAAC-certified professionals maintain their competency through annual continuing education requirements. NAAC provides and accredits a wide range of continuing education programs throughout the year, both in classroom and online offerings.

Certified individuals – including those obtaining certifications during NAAC Live 2020 – can meet all their annual required continuing education requirements by attending the PWW XI/abc360 conferences, to be held October 20-22, also as live, virtual events.  CLICK HERE for information about the Fall Conference.

More detailed information on NAAC and its ambulance industry certification courses can be found online at