REDIRECTING 911 CALLS FOR INFORMATION & LOW ACUITY MEDICAL COMPLAINTS Download as a PDF Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force EMS/Prehospital Team: As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to evolve, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)/Emergency  Communications Centers (ECC) may need to revise procedures and redirect resources for handling  incoming calls for COVID-19 Information and Low Acuity Medical Complaints. These revisions may  require administrative, technical and operational protocols, policies and procedures to be  modified. This document provides guidance and considerations for these modifications and examples of how a sample of a few individual PSAPs/ECCs have handled/redirected these calls in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed By The Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force (HRTF) is leading the development of a comprehensive strategy for the U.S. healthcare system to facilitate resiliency and responsiveness to the threats posed by COVID-19. The Task Force’s EMS/Pre-Hospital Team is comprised of public and private-sector Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and 911 experts from a wide variety of agencies and focuses on responding to the needs of the pre-hospital community. This Team is composed of subject matter experts from NHTSA OEMS, National 911 Program, CISA, CDC, FEMA, USFA, US Army, USCG, and non-federal partners representing stakeholder groups and areas of…

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