Watch now: HHS Funding For EMS

HHS Funding For EMS: What You Need to Know & How to Calculate Net Patient Revenue

Join Asbel Montes, Brian Werfel, Steve Wirth as they discuss how to register, apply, and calculate net patient revenue correctly to maximize the amount of revenue you can receive from the second allocation of general funds. Panelists will also review the process of submitting claims for uninsured patients which begins on May 6th.

Hear straight from the experts on the dos and don’ts of revenue calculation, reporting periods, definition of terms and strategies to overcome the challenge of providing data from 2018 in a way that meets the criteria of CMS.

This webinar is a must for all ambulance service providers as they navigate the sometimes complex, oftentimes confusing avenues of relief offered through the Cares Act. Download the slides for the presentation HERE

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