Healthcare Resilience Task Force: Six New Documents Released The Prehospital [911 and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)] Team of the Healthcare Resilience Task Force has released six (6) more documents (attached).  They cover topics including crisis standards of care, PPE, and the behavioral health of 911 and EMS first responders. These documents will also be posted on and/or (as appropriate).  Two portals for COVID Resources were created which we will continue to update three times a week, with new links and documents containing information on a variety of COVID-related topics.  You will find COVID resources here on, and here on Read Below: EMS Crisis Standards of Care Burnout, self-care and COVID-19 exposure for First Responders Burnout, Selfcare and COVID-19 exposure for families of First Responders Epidemiology for COVID-19 EMS Providers Disinfection of Structural Firefighting PPE COVID-19 Behavioral Health Resources for First Responders  …

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