Healthcare Resilience Task Force: Three New Documents Released

Healthcare Resilience Task Force: Three New Documents Released

Documents developed by the Prehospital [911 and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)] Team of the Healthcare Resilience Task Force.

Managing Patient and Family Distress Associated with COVID-19
Intended to provide care instructions for the psychological challenges associated with real or perceived exposure to COVID-19. This document includes practices for therapeutic communication between the EMS provider, their patient and the patient’s family to ensure that every aspect of the patient’s well-being is being managed by EMS.

NOTE: this document is based on the previously approved Managing Patient and Family Distress document for healthcare developed by the Behavioral Health Working Group and has been adapted for the EMS population.

Strategies to Mitigate EMS Clinician Absenteeism
This document provides strategies and techniques to maximize EMS capabilities and
service to the public and to hopefully minimize EMS Workforce Absenteeism. The
resilience of our Nation’s healthcare system depends on our healthcare workforce’s
ability to report for duty. Critical supplies, equipment, and surge capacity rely on
dedicated, trained EMS clinicians and support staff to enable care. Prepare now and
take actions, such as those listed below, to help your EMS agency protect your workers’
psychological health and well-being.

Personal Protective Equipment Supply for EMS
This document is intended to clarify for the EMS community the current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply situation as well as the appropriate requisition process to address local shortages of available PPE supplies.


COVID-19 coronavirus, Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

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