Considerations for State Emergency Medical Service Offices in Response to COVID-19 Developed by the Healthcare Resilience Task Force Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Prehospital Team. Download PDF Integration of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) into the state emergency management structure Ensure that the state EMS Office, including the state EMS medical director, is represented in, or has direct input into, the state Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and its public health equivalent. Define the chain of command within the EOC to ensure EMS input to leadership. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of EMS medical directors (local/state/regional) to the state emergency management office. Potential need for waiver/suspension of EMS laws and regulations relating to: Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) operations. Personnel licensure (and re-licensure). Out-of-state reciprocity. Medical oversight. Ambulance staffing. Patient treatment/scope of practice. Patient transport. Training and education. Protocol adherence. EMS licenses and certifications Develop guidance re: temporary extensions of state EMS licenses that are expiring. Develop guidance re: provisional licensing of EMS clinicians in certain circumstances (e.g., licensed out-of-state, completed course requirements but not testing, recently expired license). Identify which EMS certifications (e.g., CPR, PALS, ITLS, PHTLS, ACLS) have been automatically extended by a certification organization. Provide guidance on potential strategies for…

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