COVID-19 Relief Payments Begin Today


COVID-19 Relief Payments Begin Today

Beginning today, ambulance service suppliers and providers should start automatically receiving an allocation of payments from the Public Health and Social Emergency Fund. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), an initial distribution of $30 billion of the funds appropriated through the CARES Act will be distributed to Medicare providers and suppliers over the next week. The Fund was appropriated at $100 billion but not all the funds will be distributed as direct payments to providers and suppliers.

HHS is determining the amount of individual payments based on the proportion of the 2019 Medicare payments to the provider or supplier compared to total outlays for Medicare fee-for-service that year of $484 billion. The AAA estimates a total of approximately $265 million will be distributed to ground ambulance services in the initial round of payments. While the initial payments are a good start, the AAA is pushing for ambulance services to receive ten times that amount in initial relief.

The AAA had advocated for funding in the CARES Act for ambulance services and on April 6, the AAA sent HHS Secretary Azar a letter requesting that ambulance service providers and suppliers receive $48,000 per registered ambulance for financial relief from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The AAA is pushing for a similar amount within future economic stimulus packages as well as several other proposals for legislative and regulatory relief.

On Monday, the AAA will be issuing a Call To Action to its members focusing on four of the provisions on our below list.

Priority Access for EMS to PPE and COVID-19 Testing

  • Recognition by FEMA, HHS (USPHS), CDC of need for priority access to personal protection equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 testing for EMS
  • Non-governmental EMS being eligible to apply directly to FEMA for PPE under the Public Assistance Grants and waive applicant match for all emergency response providers

EMS Services Coverage and Reimbursement for COVID-19 Response

  • Waiver for Medicare coverage of treatment in place and loosing of signature requirements
  • 20% increase, similar to hospitals, for emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in treating and transporting COVID-19 patients
  • SCT reimbursement level for COVID-19 transports and waive hospital-to-hospital limitation on SCT

EMS System Financial Sustainability in Response to COVID-19

  • Grant program under HHS specific to EMS for reimbursement of costs resulting from response to COVID-19 and lost revenue. Payment of $48,000 per registered ambulance to each ambulance service provider and supplier.
  • Expand Paycheck Protection Program to ambulance service organizations with 500 or more employees
  • Fuel tax relief for ground ambulance services

The AAA greatly appreciates the work of our members on the front lines of treating, transporting and testing patients with COVID-19 and we will continue to push for help for you.

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