AAA Pushing Ambulance COVID-19 Relief

Over the past several days, the AAA has been pushing the Congress and the Administration to provide immediate financial and other relief to ambulance service organizations and their employees. EMS personnel are often the first medical professionals to come into contact with patients with COVID-19. But our members are running low on personal protection equipment and other supplies necessary to respond to the pandemic.

AAA members are providing vital medical services beyond the traditional stabilizing and transporting of patients for which they need to be reimbursed. Our members are also seeing a decrease in both emergency and non-emergency transport call volume as Americans are opting to forgo medically necessary trips to the emergency department and as elective procedures are postponed. It is important that Congress understands the short and long-term implications of our response to COVID-19 and provides critical financial relief.

To help our members in their time of need as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAA has been advocating that Congress needs to include in the stimulus package they are developing several provisions to help ambulance service organizations. The provisions include providing ambulance service organizations priority access to PPE, authorizing CMS to waive Medicare policy and reimburse for treatment in place, reimbursing ambulance services for additional costs incurred in responding to COVID-19, suspending the payroll tax and providing all paramedics with coverage under the Public Safety Officers’ Benefit (PSOB) and a tax credit for training and uniforms.

For the details of our requests of the Congress, please access our position paper.

While the Congress is working on its third stimulus package which it is expected to complete in the next few days, it is likely not to be the last. With this package moving so quickly, the AAA has been working with a targeted list of AAA members in the states and districts of key policymakers to the negotiations. We will be issuing in the near term a Call To Action to the entire AAA membership with the request for everyone to contact their members of Congress with our list of requests. We hope you will answer the call.

The AAA will continue over the next weeks and months to push the Congress and Administration on our requests to help ambulance service organizations. Thank you for your support.

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