Savvik Cost Collection Grant Application

The Savvik Foundation and the American Ambulance Association are working together to support ambulance services that are preparing to comply with the Cost Data Collection program through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Through Savvik Member purchases under contracts, the Savvik Foundation was able to fund FREE access to Amber, the cost collection software. Services will be eligible to receive a one-year AAA membership, which includes access to experts on cost collection, access to AMBER software, and free registration to Webinars and Regional Workshops. To request your FREE access to Amber, complete the application form below.

Savvik Cost Collection Grant Request

  • Was your organization (at least one NPI) selected by CMS for cost collection?
  • Choose the category that best applies to your service
  • How many total ambulance transports does your organization conduct annually?
  • How many total ambulance transports does your organization conduct annually IN RURAL and SUPER-RURAL areas?
  • How many registered ambulances does your organization have? Include registered ambulances held as reserve vehicles.
  • Is your organization a current American Ambulance Association member?
  • Is your organization a current Savvik member?
  • Max one paragraph
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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