2019 Avesta Private EMS Turnover Study

Once again, this year, the American Ambulance Association partnered with Avesta to conduct our annual survey of employee turnover in the private EMS industry. As a valued member of the association, it is our pleasure to share it with you today.

Download the Avesta 2019 EMS Employee Turnover Study

The survey was conducted and managed by the Center for Organizational Research at The University of Akron. The purpose of the study was to better quantify and understand the reasons for employee turnover at nearly every organizational level within EMS. At the very least, this study provides us with a continuing benchmark for defining job-specific voluntary and involuntary turnover percentages.

While no survey is perfect, our goal is to continue to analyze staff turnover and its impact on the private industry.  One thing is clear: when turnover is high, private EMS leaders are faced with increased costs associated with recruiting, selecting, and training replacements. Proactive minimization of turnover will reduce costs and have a positive effect on productivity, morale, and customer/patient satisfaction.

This report continues to serve as a crucial step in understanding and reducing employee turnover in the private EMS industry. We look forward to working with every member of the AAA to identify meaningful turnover reduction strategies.

Best regards,

Dennis Doverspike, Ph.D.,
Lead Industrial Organizational Psychology Consultant Avesta – Human Resource Support

Scott Moore
Principal, Moore EMS Consulting, LLC HR & Operations Consultant, AAA

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