A recent report published by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) found that employer sponsored healthcare spending rose in 2016 even thought patients sought less healthcare.  The article found that the average spending per person grew 4.6% in 2016 and has cumulatively grown by 15% since 2012.  The majority of the spending increase was attributed to outpatient service, ER visits, and prescription drugs.  Modern Healthcare published an article about the report which showed that most employers held down their costs by shifting their employees to high-deductible plans.  Many ambulance services have had to shoulder much of the increase costs of employee healthcare in an effort to avoid shifting too much additional expense onto employees.  This trend is projected to continue and encourages employers to offer, and employees to contribute to a health saving accounts as a way to insulate unexpected high deductible obligations.  With the uncertain future what remains of the ACA, we will continue to watch for strategies to help ambulance services to keep healthcare cost increases to a minimum….

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