New Rural Provider Task Force

AAA President Mark Postma created the Rural Providers Task Force which is being chaired by Jim Finger of Regional Ambulance Service in Rutland, Vermont. The Task Force will bring the perspective of small providers to the AAA Payment Reform Committee as it develops recommendations on how best to reform Medicare reimbursement policies. We are specifically targeting as Task Force volunteers those AAA members who operate 10 or fewer ambulances and serve rural communities.

The Task Force will initially focus on three key policy areas which are:
1) Ensuring that a cost data collection system is not overly burdensome on rural providers;
2) Understanding the impact of changing from ambulance service suppliers to providers will have on rural operations; and,
3) Looking at potential different options for defining rural areas within large urban counties under the Goldsmith Modification.

Our industry is predominately small operations with rural areas often relying on ambulance services as the only form of emergency medical care. Approximately 73% of ambulance service providers bill less than 1,000 transports to Medicare each year. President Postma has adopted the tag line for the AAA of “Representing EMS in America” and it is important that rural providers are representing within the reform efforts.

If your organization is rural and operates 10 or fewer ambulances and you would like to provide input on how potential reimbursement policy changes could affect organizations such as yours, please consider volunteering for the Task Force. The Rural Providers Task Force will have a limited number of participants comprised of individuals representing a cross-section of provider types and geographical areas. If you are interested in being considered for a spot on the Task Force, please click on this INTEREST FORM and complete and submit it.

If you have any questions about the Task Force, please do not hesitate to contact Jim Finger at or Tristan North at

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